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100% Cinnamon Leaf Oil - 1 oz

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    100% Pure Cinnamon Leaf Oil

    Cinnamon Leaf oil has warm, inviting tones that help balance blood sugar levels, which will assist in weight loss and improve diabetes. It is a powerful antiseptic and has been considered useful with infections including coughs, colds, and viral infections. It may be used in massage, as it may ease muscular aches and pains, while warming the body and having a powerful antispasmodic effect. Cinnamon Leaf may be used to lift the mood and energy levels, as the oil may help relieve exhaustion, drowsiness, and boost the immune system. Cinnamon Leaf oil is used in aromatherapy to remove blood impurities and improves circulation, which insures the cells receive adequate oxygen supply. This action promotes metabolic function. It contains high amounts of eugenol, which has gastric effects, alleviating nausea, upset stomach, and diarrhea. Eugenol may also be a skin irritant when applying the oil neat, so it must always be diluted or used in a diffusor. It contains 80-85% phenols, which give the oil antiseptic, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties.

    Cinnamon Leaf is excellent in a diffusor, as it will purify the air and rid of any airborne bacteria, while relieving cold and flu symptoms.

    Analgesic, Antibacterial, Antifungal, Anti-inflammatory, Antimicrobial, Antiseptic, Antispasmodic, Aphrodisiac, Astringent, Carminative, Digestive, Expectorant, Stimulant, Stomachic, Vermifuge

    Aromatic Use – There is great evidence that essential oils are absorbed into the bloodstream when inhaled. The large amount of blood vessels in the lungs absorb the oils and then circulate them throughout the body. Using a diffuser can help you experience the benefits of essential oils.

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